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  • Description:Ptfe tube ManufacturersProduct Size:PTFE/ tube:extrusion methodthickness 0.5-2mm, 7kgs per roll,size such as 4*6mm,6*8mm,8*10mm,10*12mm,12*14mm etc..PTFE/ pipeextrusion methodthickness 2mm to 5mmLength <4.2msize such as 30*22*4200mm etc.PTFE/ bush, hollow, sleevesMold methodthickness

PTFE tube Manufacturers









Product Size:

PTFE/ tube:

extrusion method

thickness 0.5-2mm, 7kgs per roll,

size such as 4*6mm,6*8mm,8*10mm,10*12mm,12*14mm etc..


PTFE/ pipe

extrusion method

thickness 2mm to 5mm

Length <4.2m

size such as 30*22*4200mm etc.


PTFE/ bush, hollow, sleeves

Mold method

thickness 5mm to 50mm

length <300mm

size such as 100*63mm*200mm



PTFE SHEET , sheet

PTFE / molded sheet square

3~120 ± 0.30~± 0.50 1000 x 1000

3~70 ± 0.30~± 0.60 1200 x 1200

3~60 ± 0.30~± 0.60 1500 x 1500

3~60 ± 0.50~± 1.00 1000 x 2000

Any other small size or PTFE round sheet we can do as order.


PTFE / Skived Sheet

0.1~12.0 <1200 ≥200m per roll for 1mm thickness

0.5~6.0 <2000

0.5~5.0 <2700

* We can supply such big semi product for 1mm sheet 200m length in roll.


PTFE extruded rod

5mm-150mm1000, 2000 mm length

5mm-200mm 1000mm

PTFE molded rod

180-250 1000mm

280-330 300 mm

400-500 200mm


Chemical Properties:

1 electric insulation material.

2 Excellent electrical properties

3 Good low and high temperature resistance -250-260C

4 heat-conductive,

5 Self lubricate with lowest co-efficient of friction,no oil lubrication

6 acid and alkali resistance, Chemical resistant

7 non-inflammable,anti-aging etc..


PTFE Products:

PTFE ROD/PIPE: molded rod/pipe and extrusion rod/pipe

PTFE SHEET: molded sheet and skived sheet

PTFE FILM: directional, half directional, non-directive film




Opaque, white, used within -180oC - +260oC for no load;

Essential color, or any other color as your order.

It should be homogeneous, with smooth surface without rift, crack, air bubble, flatted and mechanical scratch, a few exogenous impurities are permitted.



It is widely used as Sealing, insulate or lubricate parts in oil and chemical industry. Or for Capacitor dielectric, wire isolation, electrical instrument isolation in electric industry.


PTFE filled products:

Glass Fiber:enhance wear resistance and chemical resistance, Increases compressive strength, rigidity. Reduces creep and cold flow.

Graphite:Extremely low coefficient of friction, Fairy good compressive strength, good wear resistance.

Carbon: good thermal and chemical resistance, Resistance to deformation, Increases compressive strength, hardness, wear, and load properties. Various types and amounts of carbon can be added to alter conductivity.

Bronze:Enhanced dimensional stability and compressive strength, Increases hardness and wear resistance, high thermal conductivity. Not suitable for corrosive or electrical applications

Molybdenum Disulfide:Increases hardness, stiffness, and wear.Minimal effect on chemical and electrical properties.

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